Pro Intensive – Nach


Experiment with the unique language and physicality of Krump with an icon of the dance style.

Pro Intensive – Nach
© Yohanne Lamoulère
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Thu 16 May 2024

"I bring you my physicality so that you can find yours. I offer you a path – take it and then change course. Experience Krump through its unique language. Create and share your story. Make the body epic."

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How long?

3 hrs

This workshop is suitable for professional dancers and dance students.


Thu 16 May

In this masterclass, Nach invites you to explore Krump, an explosive and emotionally charged urban dance style.

Experiment with finding the energy at your core and the strength in the earth to allow the body’s agility to flow and express itself. It is as much about finding control as it is about letting go. Delve into the distinctive language of this dance style with a rare opportunity to learn from a Krump icon.

About Nach

Nach discovered Krump by chance at the age of 22, coming across performances in front of the Opéra de Lyon. She quickly became immersed in this urban dance whose strength she had only previously glimpsed in Rize, the famous David Lachapelle documentary.

The street became her first school where she found a community willing to share their knowledge with her. She was immediately fascinated by the power and breadth of emotion – from elation to rage – expressed by this dance style which she calls “the gospel of the suburbs”. Incorporating influences from diverse artforms from Kathakali and flamenco to poetry, visual art and film, Nach developed a distinctive choreographic language.

Nach has collaborated with artists including Marcel Bazonnet and Angela Bello, and was a resident artist at the Kujoyama Villa (2018) and artistic fellow at the CCN de la Rochelle (2018 – 2020). She is currently Associate Artist at the renowned Maison de la Danse in Lyon and is part of the NAVIGATE Residency Exchange, a DDF initiative in partnership with La Biennale de Lyon – Danse / Maison de la Danse (Lyon).

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