Volcano – Episodes 3 & 4 Luke Murphy’s Attic Projects

DDF Digital 2023 / On Demand


The final 2 episodes of a voyeuristic journey across four performances, as two characters grapple with power, time and trust.

Volcano – Episodes 3 & 4
© Emilija Jefremova

22 Nov—03 Dec

Episodes 3 and 4 of Volcano by DDF Artist-in-residence, the acclaimed director and choreographer Luke Murphy.

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99 mins

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No longer available – on demand stream ended Sunday 3 Dec

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© Emilija Jefremova
© Emilija Jefremova
© Emilija Jefremova
© Emilija Jefremova


‘Edge of your seat entertainment - Tense, troubling and touching - a new kind of storytelling in theatre to rival any other modern medium - It is not an overstatement to say that you will not have seen anything like this before.’

The Irish Times

‘Ballyturk meets Black Mirror - a scintillating assault on the senses - The meticulous attention to detail is evident across all aspects of this production - set, costume, sound and lighting design cohere to mesmerising effect. Murphy is a phenomenal talent.’

Irish Examiner

‘Think Sartre, Beckett or Enda Walsh, with more choreography. Memories of their lives prior to this mysterious co-dependency are played out in superbly inventive movement sequences - from tender duets to manic rave.’

The Guardian

If you missed the award-winning series in the theatre, now is your chance to experience it on screen. Spanning four 45-minute episodes, Volcano blurs the boundaries of television, experimental theatre, contemporary dance, and psychological sci-fi thriller to create a hybrid performance for a Netflix era.

In a liminal space, two exasperated characters recreate the greatest hits of their lives: a night at a rave, a favourite game show, an 80s music-video. They pass the time, or quietly cling to distant memories of a life out of reach. As the narrative unfolds, the deeper precarity of their circumstances come into focus, leading the audience through a fever dream of questions and upended assumptions.

In Episodes 3 & 4, as the world around them continues to disintegrate, the spiral winds tighter until all that's left is a crumbling montage of thought, history, what we discard, and what we hold onto.


  • Directed and Choreographed by Luke Murphy
  • Performed by Luke Murphy, Will Thompson
  • Rehearsal Direction Stephen Moynihan
  • Dramaturgy Lily Ockwell
  • Script Luke Murphy
  • Story Development Adam Burton, Luke Murphy, Emily Terndrup
  • Lighting Design Stephen Dodd
  • Set Design Alyson Cummins and Pai Rathaya
  • Costume Design Pai Rathaya
  • Associate Costume Designer Laura Fajardo Castro
  • Composition and Sound Design Rob Moloney
  • Music Mix Chaz Moloney
  • Filmmaker Patricio Cassinoni
  • Camera Assistant Ben Shachman
  • Editor Ardi Raamets
  • Sound Recordist (Film) Cormac O’Connor
  • Cast (Film Clips) Adam Burton, Amaya Gill, Ciaran Bermingham, Emily Terndrup, Ghaliah Conroy, Gina Moxley, John McCarthy, Lily Ockwell, Luke Murphy, Mufutau Yusuf, Pearse Donoghue, Rocio Dominguez, Sile Maguire, Will Thompson
  • Production Manager Simon Bird
  • Stage Manager Chris Hopcraft
  • Chief LX Gavin Kennedy
  • Sound Engineer Aidah Sama
  • Producer Gwen Van Spÿk
  • Assistant Producer Sophie Coote

Performance Content Research and Development with Knut Vikstrom, Lucia Kickham, Robin Byrne, Ryan O’Neill and Tom Lane.

The company extends special thanks to Zlata Filipovic, Martin Brown, Veronica Foo.

Volcano was originally funded by The Arts Council of Ireland | An Chomhairle Ealaion Arts Grant Fund and created and presented with the support of Galway International Arts Festival; Firkin Crane; Graffiti Theatre; Galway Dance Project; and Shawbrook Dance.

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