DDF News — 19 Oct 2021

Two Irish artists head to Torinodanza for the first Big Pulse Visiting Artist programme

Two Irish artists head to Torinodanza for the first Big Pulse Visiting Artist programme

As a Big Pulse Dance Alliance, DDF is delighted to be able to send two Irish artists to participate in the first Big Pulse Visiting Artist programme taking place 19 – 24 October at Torinodanza Festival: Áine Stapleton and Philip Connaughton

The Big Pulse Visiting Artist programme invites artists to visit partner festivals, stimulating artistic development, creative exchange and valuable networking.

Selected artists will have the opportunity to visit diverse dance festivals across Europe, meet local artists, attend performances and gain inspiration and expertise as they progress in their work. It will also offer artists the chance to engage with presenters and promoters, providing essential networking opportunities.

The first of these is taking place at Torinodanza Festival in Italy, where Áine Stapleton and Philip Connaughton will join five other young choreographers and artists for a rich 5-day programme which includes:

  • A meeting with several companies resident in Turin (Viola Scaglione - Balletto Teatro Torino, Rafael Bianco, Elena Rolla - EgriBianco Danza, Stefano Mazzotta - Zerogrammi Company, Piergiorgio Milano, Daniele Ninarello
  • Meetings with three festival artists Silvia Gribaudi, Michele Di Stefano and Marco D'Agostin
  • Guided tours of the Carignano Theater and the Fonderie Limone 
  • Performances at Torinodanza Festival including Saga by Marco d'Agostin and Maqam by Michele Di Stefano

Joining Áine and Philip will be Takuya Fujisawa, Aloun Marchal and Marcella Quinchavil Steen from Danscentrum Sverige (Sweden), Greta Grineviciute from New Baltic Dance Festival (Lithuania) and Natálie Podešvová from Tanec Praha (The Czech Republic). 

Read more about Big Pulse Dance Alliance.

About Áine Stapleton

Áine Stapleton has 15 years professional experience as an artist and producer creating large scale productions in partnership with international organisations. She has a proven track record as an artist creating high quality and innovative productions. Her work for stage and screen is consistently sold-out with waiting lists. She is well- respected and supported by the Joyce community, academics, and international Joyce foundations. ‘Somewhere in the Body’ is an innovative platform through which audiences of various interests and backgrounds can learn more about the work and life of James Joyce, and the little known biography of his daughter Lucia. Stapleton’s work on the Joyce family to date has received much critical acclaim, and it is programmed regularly in Dublin by the Irish Film Institute and abroad. Stapleton creates her work for various venues including cinema, site- specific, and theatre, in collaboration with other art forms and artists. She has generated a large and varied audience for her work both in Ireland and abroad. Over the past 7 years Stapleton has gathered a vast supply of writings, letters, and books related to the Joyce family from various archives in Ireland, UK, Italy, Switzerland, and the US. She researches frequently at the Zurich James Joyce Foundation, Museo Joyce Trieste, and The James Joyce Centre in Dublin. Her recent cinematic work ‘Horrible Creature’ was based on Lucia’s time in Switzerland - “Visceral, sensory, vicarious, confusing, disturbing...See it!” James Joyce Gazette. She regularly partners with international Joyce centres for the creation of her film work, with funding from The Arts Council of Ireland. She has been invited to screen her work at international Joyce festivals, and to speak at various symposia including ‘Lucia Joyce: Perspectives’ at Trinity College in Dublin. Reviews and write-ups about her work have been published in journals including ‘James Joyce Quarterly’ and ‘James Joyce Gazette’.

About Philip Connaughton

Philip Connaughton is a choreographer from Dublin. He trained at the Rambert School of Contemporary Dance in London. His work to date includes, Mortuus Est Philippus, Tardigrade, Dance Uncovered (sensational), Extraterrestrial Events, Assisted Solo, Mamafesta Memorialising. He recently made Yes, but do you care? in collaboration with Marie Brett (IMMA acquisition 2021) and is currently working on Party Scene in collaboration with Phillip McMahon. He is a Project Arts Centre resident artist, associate artist of THISISPOPBABY and a Platform 31 Artist representing Dublin City Council. He also works regularly in theatre and opera.

Lead Image: Saga by Marco d'Agostin © Alice Brazzi