DDF News — 17 May 2018

Third Guest Writer: Painter Salvatore of Lucan

Third Guest Writer: Painter Salvatore of Lucan

Our third and final guest writer on the blog this year will be Salvatore Fullam, also known as Salvatore of Lucan. Salvatore is a young painter from Dublin who graduated from NCAD in 2016. He paints portraits, mainly of himself and of his family members, seemingly in an effort to understand his own identity, his place in this city. These portraits are a little unsettling, a little skewed, humourous and deeply expressive.

I asked Salvatore to send me a short bio, and he sent me the following:

What is the bio of Salvatore of Lucan? It is hard to know what is an important detail and what is a non-important detail. He paints people and these paintings are usually quite detailed. He is passionate and confused and would rather people look at his paintings than talked to him.

Salvatore will see and write about Oona Doherty's Hard to be Soft: A Belfast Prayer. Salvatore chose the show based on the title alone, saying he prefers to know as little as possible before seeing a work.

More on Salvatore here. More on Hard to be Soft here.