DDF News — 26 Feb 2021

Take Your Spot with Top 8 Street Dance Battle

Take Your Spot with Top 8 Street Dance Battle

Top 8 Street Dance Battles has always been about community and crowds, but just because we can't get together, doesn't mean we can't feel the energy and passion of the dancers battling it out on the dance floor - even if we have to do it online!

It has taken some creative planning, but the Top 8 team have come up with a way for the Street Dance Battle community to continue honing their skills and sharing their best moves (and entertaining their awe-inspired fans).

At the start of this year, Top 8 launched the Take Your Spot series, giving participants the chance to 'call out' the Top 8 Invited Artists and compete to take their spot in the competition. The traditional rules of the game were adapted slightly to fit with the event taking place on Zoom, but the music still pumps, the artists still amaze and the crowds still get to enjoy being part of something very special.

Just check out this video from the Breakin Finals...

And it's not just the contestants who take to the dance floor - the judges also had a chance to show off their stuff with a showcase.

And there's more to come this weekend with the ‘Take Your Spot’ Krump Battles taking place via Zoom this Sunday 28th February. If you'd like to register to attend this event, you can do that here: Register for 'Take Your Spot' Krump Battle.