DDF News — 17 Apr 2020

Liz Roche Company's STILL/MOVING Blog Series

Liz Roche Company's STILL/MOVING Blog Series

What does it mean to be a dancing body that suddenly finds itself having to be still? Liz Roche Company invited 5 dancers to contribute to a creative blog series in order to pause, reflect and above all, continue to share.

Movement - and sharing this with each other and with audiences - is part of what makes dancers who they are. 

So as we all face the challenges of cancelled rehearsals, postponed performances and stages and studios being closed, dance artists are finding new ways of creating and responding to our changing reality.

Liz Roche Company took this as a good moment to pause, reflect  and above all, to continue to share. The result is an engaging series of work created by five dancers who are all currently working on different productions with the company.

Share in their thoughts and creative reflections in the STILL/MOVING blog series...

Blog #1: THE ROUTE OF LOST ACTION by Glòria Ros Abellana

© Siscu Romero


Blog #2: THIS GAP by Kévin Coquelard

© Kévin Coquelard


Blog #3: THE CURVE by Lucia Kickham

© Lucia Kickham


Blog #4: REMEMBERING THE STORY by Sarah Cerneaux

© Luca Truffarelli

Blog #5: OBSERVING TIME by Ryan O'Neill

© Ryan O'Neill