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DDF News — 18 Aug 2020

WHAT'S ON: Live dance comes back to Dublin with Fringe Festival's Pilot Light Edition

WHAT'S ON: Live dance comes back to Dublin with Fringe Festival's Pilot Light Edition

It's been a long few months without live performance but that's all about to change. Dublin Fringe Festival have put together a stellar lineup of events for their Pilot Light Edition and we thought we'd share what's on offer for dance fans.

Dublin Fringe Festival and the artists have set the stage, thought inventively and worked in new ways to create a programme for the times where we can meet virtually and in some of our favourite Dublin venues. Now all that is needed is you - the audience - so these events can truly come to life!

Here are a few of our picks for the dance fans...

TILT by Croí Glan Integrated Dance Company
11-13 Sept, Dublin Castle

When everything is off kilter, what remains?

is an exhilarating, boundary-pushing, tender and triumphant attempt to keep some kind of balance in a desperately unstable world. This aerial dance theatre show will take to the skies above Dublin Castle.

Centred around a very versatile pole that flies, falls and circles, as a metaphor for instability and change in an unstable world, Tilt features live music, Irish dance, twerking, street dance, aerial, contemporary dance and song in an insightful and surprising show.


BIRDBOY by Emma Martin
19 & 20 Sept, Draíocht Blanchardstown

Once there was a boy who wished he was a bird. He wished he could just fly away and be free of all his worries. This is a trip inside his head. In his whirring mind, thoughts, worries, fantasies all compete for space in a world where fitting in is hard to do.

Full of fun and sorrow, this kaleidoscopic show, performed by dancer Kévin Coquelard, celebrates the power of imagination and offers a vision of hope and connection.


A RAIN WALK by Andy Field & Beckie Darlington
5-20 September, In the rain (near home)

Take a rain walk – a walk in the rain accompanied by the recorded voices of children from across Ireland and the UK. With their guidance the rainfall will become your own private theatre, a space in which to observe, imagine and play.

Because we are no better at predicting when it might rain than you are, everything you need to experience the show is contained within a little box that is handed to you when you purchase a ticket. Keep it safe until the weather turns.

Then, whether in a drizzle or a deluge, alone or with friends or family, we invite you to step outside, feel the rain on your face, and think about your place in a world that is changing so swiftly around you.


SPUD by Mish Mash & Reckless Rob
18-20 Sept, Dublin Castle

Deadly, dirty and dangerous.

This is a circus celebration of the fierce and wild.

A D.I.Y. spectacle of absurd acrobatics, contorted comedy and homegrown vegetables.

is a two-woman punk circus from Belfast, performed by award-winning performers Angelique Reckless Ross and Mish Mash Thoburn, directed by Ken Fanning.


There's also more to explore with Dublin Fringe Festival: Pilot Light Edition so don't forget to browse the full programme.

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