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DDF News — 21 Nov 2023

Light Moves Choreography and/or Performance Award winner announced

Light Moves Choreography and/or Performance Award winner announced

It is always such a pleasure to witness the creativity and artistry presented as part of Light Moves Festival, and Dublin Dance Festival was delighted to once again support this work by sponsoring the Light Moves Choreography and/or Performance Award.

This year, the winner of Light Moves Choreography and/or Performance Award was presented to Sentence – A film by Rosemary Lee and Hugo Glendinning.

DDF Artistic Director Jazmin Chiodi shared why this film was selected as the award winner:

"I loved exploring and viewing the works in this category, and it was quite a challenge to pick just one because each of them deserves recognition in their own unique way.

The passion, innovation, and artistry showcased by all candidates showed me the dynamic state of filmed dance projects today. I applaud them all and wish them success in the years to come.

However, the prize had to be awarded to one proposal, one artistic project that, in my opinion, stood out as a unique film showcasing a highly skilled use of camera movement, choreographic language with a clear purpose, and technology. The film's rhythm and storytelling are clear and cohesive, creating a strong sense of nostalgia and capturing the essence of life and memory.

Furthermore, it evokes an emotional response, creating a distinct atmosphere enhanced by the impressive sound design.

Dance plays a central role in this film and the performance is in absolute harmony, making it the clear winner in this category." 

Full list of award winners:

  • Light Moves Student Merit Award Winner 2023, sponsored by Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at University of Limerick: Dreaming of Rare Moments, Dry Tones, And Air Trapped Eternally Between Pieces of Metal – A film by Aneta Dortová.
  • Light Moves Innovative use of Music and Sound Award, sponsored by Contemporary Music Centre: Amid the Noise and the Haste – A film by Colin Norrby, sound by Colin Norrby
  • Light Moves Choreography and/or Performance Award, sponsored by Dublin Dance Festival: Sentence – A film by Rosemary Lee and Hugo Glendinning.
  • Light Moves Overall Film Award: Transparent – A film by Siobhan Davies in collaboration with David Hinton and Hugo Glendinning.

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