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DDF News — 29 Aug 2019

International superstars on the Abbey Stage

International superstars on the Abbey Stage

There was a flurry of excitement as a three-year project, set in motion by Dublin Dance Festival, came to life at the Abbey Theatre. Olivier Award-winning artist Sidi Larbi Chekaoui made his return to Dublin for this highly anticipated collaboration with leading traditional Irish dance artist, Colin Dunne.

Belgian-Moroccan choreographer, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Birmingham-born Irish dance artist, Colin Dunne had dreamed of working together for more than a decade. It was in 2017 that these two artists were able to make this a reality with the support of DDF, as part of our commitment to supporting artists and the creation of new work.

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is renowned for his sensational large-scale productions and high-profile collaborations. Colin Dunne is a leading figure in the world of traditional Irish dance, who has made the cross over into contemporary dance and theatre. 

At first, this may seem like an unlikely partnership. But it is precisely their artistic differences that formed the basis for creative exploration, in close collaboration with composer Michael Gallen, who joined them on stage along with musician Soumik Datta for Session as part of DDF2019.

With careful set design by Filip Peeters, the Abbey Stage was transformed into a playground of sound and movement where the four performers created an uplifting celebration of music and dance that delighted audiences.

Scene after scene, the four artists performed - solo or together - with both finesse and playfulness, combining familiar instruments, movements and styles with others that provided a striking creative counterpoint. 

Audience and press reactions to the Irish premiere of Session were overwhelming, reaffirming DDF's drive to bring these two diverse artists together and commission this exciting collaboration.

**** "What shines through is the power of communality, most simply of just being together." The Irish Times

"The diversity of the backgrounds of the four performers makes for a performance of fascinating creativity and ingenuity. It would be a treat to see it a second time." No More Workhorse

Session continues it's 2019-2020 tour at venues across Europe. View Tour Calendar

Get a taste of what this unique performance was all about with this trailer...

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