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Dance Talk: The Choreographer’s Journey Thurs 6 April 2017

Dance Talk: The Choreographer’s Journey Thurs 6 April 2017

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​In partnership with Dance Ireland, dance writer Rachel Donnelly will be in conversation with choreographer Philip Connaughton and Lynette Moran, director of Live Collision and curator and facilitator of the FAST TRACK programme at Dublin Dance Festival. Taking place in DanceHouse on 6 April from 6pm-7pm, Philip will discuss the creation process behind his new work Extraterrestrial Events which has its world premier at Dublin Dance Festival this May. Lynette will offer the audience perspective on viewing contemporary dance work.

Extraterrestrial Events

In a spectacular new dance piece, that’s also an opera, Philip Connaughton sets out to uncover Extraterrestrial Events. From the team behind the award-winning Tardigrade, Connaughton is joined by four incredible dancers, composer Michael Gallen and world-renowned soprano Kim Sheehan. This ambitious show is inspired by real UFO sighting reports made to GEIPAN, a unit of the French Space Agency investigating unidentified aerospace phenomena. One thing the events they record have in common: doubt. Did they really happen? Do we want to know? Exploring denial, truth and fear of change, Extraterrestrial Events is a multisensory experience that is truly out of this world.


Our popular FAST TRACK programme in collaboration with Live Collision is back for its fifth successive year. If you haven’t seen much dance but are curious to explore what it’s all about, then this is the perfect way to start. On Saturday 27 May, let the Live Collision team immerse you in a jam-packed day of dance that will take you right to the heart of the 2017 Festival. Attend shows, meet Festival artists and engage in discussions about what you’ve seen in facilitated group sessions. Then you’ll meet back the next day for a debrief and a coffee, followed by a Sunday afternoon dance film screening. This is a great opportunity for anyone who’s keen to develop a critical eye and learn more about the artform. It’ll be fun and it’ll be FAST! Click here for information on how to apply.

For more information about this event, check out the Dance Ireland website here.

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