DDF News — 9 May 2019

An Italian night out with DDF and Dunne & Crescenzi

An Italian night out with DDF and Dunne & Crescenzi

If you’re dreaming of an Italian holiday but your summer break is just too far away, get a taste of Italy at the Dublin Dance Festival.

Celebrating brilliant, awe-inspiring and thought-provoking dance from across the globe, this year’s Festival brings renowned Italian choreographer Virgilio Sieni to Dublin for the very first time, with the support of Dunne & Crescenzi.

Former Dance Director of the Venice Biennale, Sieni makes his Irish début with the overwhelmingly beautiful La Natura Delle Cose. In this hypnotic production, five dancers portray a character moving through the entire cycle of life in one hour, creating a rich visual poem, lyrical and unforgettable.

Sieni created this definitive work in 2008, and now it is coming to the Abbey Stage for just 2 performances on 14 & 15 May 2019.

Pair this exquisite Italian performance with an authentic Italian dinner experience at Dunne & Crescenzi with delicious food, excellent wines and true Italian hospitality, and you’ve got the perfect Italian experience right here in Dublin.

Book your tickets to see La Natura Delle Cose, reserve your table at Dunne & Crescenzi in South Frederick Street, and enjoy a taste of Italy!


Also, check out the new CRUDO at Dunne & Crescenzi in Sandymount for more authentic Italian cuisine: CRUDO