DDF News — 12 Oct 2021

2021 Top 8 Street Dance Battle is coming to Dublin, Sun 17 Oct

2021 Top 8 Street Dance Battle is coming to Dublin, Sun 17 Oct

The 2021 Top 8 Street Dance Battle, an epic celebration of Hip-Hop culture, will take place this year in Dublin’s Sugar Club on Sunday 17th October, also livestreaming on Top 8’s YouTube channel.

Following sold-out performances in 2017, 2018 and 2019, this powerhouse event will see the freshest street dancers square off to do battle on the dance floor. Having competed in qualifying heats earlier in the day, the evening will see finalists flaunting their best moves, from the social dance moves of Hip Hop, to the rhythmic body movements of Afro fusion/Afro house and freestyle movements of Allstyles, to claim the top spot. Categories will be Breakin’, Allstyles, Hip-Hop, Poppin’, Afro fusion/Afro house, and there will also be a KRUMP showcase. The event will be incorporating many elements of Hip-Hop culture under one roof, being hosted by some of the best MCs in the Irish music industry, with pumping beats from DJs, and graffiti artists will be working throughout the day of the event outside the Sugar Club.

Tobi Omoteso of Top 8 says, “The event is growing year on year and achieving our goal of achieving national recognition for Hip-Hop as a high-level art form across all four elements of the culture: Art, Music, Dance and Voice.”

Deborah O’Connor, Top 8 co-founder and Executive Producer of the battle, continues, “We hold this event to give street dancers all across the country and beyond the opportunity, under one roof, to share, exchange, learn and battle locally - without the need to travel overseas – which is more important now than ever before with Covid and possible travel restrictions.”


Location: The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street
Date: Sunday 17 October
Pre-selections: 12pm – 5pm
Finals: 6pm – 8pm
Tickets: €15 (BOOK HERE)

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The event suitable for all ages and open to both competitors and those who just wish to enjoy the spectacle.

Top 8 thanks The Arts Council of Ireland, Dance Ireland and Dublin Dance Festival for their support.