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This event was part of our 2021 Edition

The Sofa Dance – Family Workshop Mimbre


Turn slouching on your sofa into an art form with the creators of The Sofa Dance.

The Sofa Dance – Family Workshop

Join Mimbre's acrobats for a family movement session, using each other for support and your sofa as a crashmat to explore some fun movement and adventurous shapes!

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How long?

45 mins

Share The Sofa Dance – Family Workshop

Suitable for all levels. Limited availability.
Booking will close 90 mins before the event and access codes will be sent via email 1 hour before the event.
You will need to have Zoom installed before the event (Download Here).
This event will be recorded. Images and video clips may be used for archive and publicity purposes.


30 May


Suitable for all ages and levels, the session will turn slouching on the sofa into an art form. You’ll find your own moves and grooves, balance some acrobatic shapes with the help of the armrests and have a collective Zoom dance session with other sofa slouchers!

At the end of the workshop you can choose to create your own Sofa Dance to share with family and friends. Don’t forget to tag Mimbre and DDF in your videos and include #MySofaDance and #DDF2021 so we can enjoy your creations too!

What you will need for the workshop:

  • Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in
  • Your sofa (or armchair or bed)


  • Please be aware of your surroundings and if possible shift coffee tables with sharp corners or any lamps or other breakables away. This is so you can show us your fantastic moves without worrying that you will bump into something.
  • If possible, please set up the device you are signing in from so that the camera is angled so we can see you! This is a really helpful step.

Before coming to the workshop, watch The Sofa Dance by Mimbre – a short film created by 30 acrobats stuck on their sofas in the first lockdown last spring.

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