Day 1: Featuring Shantala A trio of films on Shantala Shivalingappa

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Day 1: Featuring Shantala

Fri 29 May 2020

A trio of films featuring Shantala Shivalingappa that will captivate and mesmerise you.

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All films will be available to view here from Fri 29 May until 29 June
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Charismatic Indian choreographer and performer Shantala Shivalingappa was set to take to the Abbey Stage as part of the DDF2020 Edition with aSH, a collaboration with French director Aurélien Bory. We’re delighted to present a selection of three films, which will offer you the chance to get to know Shivalingappa and experience her remarkable talent.


Running time: 14 minutes

Bhairava evokes facets of Shiva, the Lord of Dance, as both the destructor of evil and the guardian of time. He is fierce and drives terrible deeds, but he is also the Divine Protector and Supreme Guardian; his intention springs from pure compassion.

In this work, carried by a strong and deeply evocative musical score and by the special energy of the ancient site of Hampi, dancer and choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa embodies the presence and energy of Bhairava. With her technical mastery and refined expressivity, she alternates between moments of precise symbolic gestures and more abstract body language surging from the powerful persona of Bhairava, creating a vivid incarnation of the deity.

Discussing Bhairava

Running time: 6 minutes

In this short documentary film, Shantala Shivalingappa offers insight into her practice and what the choreography, movement and setting of the dance film Bhairava mean to her.


Running time: 52 minutes

Shantala is a portrait of Shantala Shivalingappa. The film follows her across the world, allowing us to witness how this extraordinary artist expresses the unique cultural and spiritual traditions of Kuchipudi, the classical Indian dance form she practices, and revealing her journey in contemporary dance through diverse collaborative works of sheer beauty and deep emotion.



Directed and Produced by: Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer (Mouvement Perpétuel, Montréal) Cinematography: Kes Tagney
This production was filmed on location in Anegundi and Hampi, India, and was made possible with the generous support of the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec; the Kishkinda Trust (Shama Pawar), Anegundi; and Danse Danse, Montréal

Discussing Bhairava

Directed and Produced by: Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer (Mouvement Perpétuel, Montréal) Bhairava Footage: Kes Tagney
Interview Camera: Marlene Millar
Editor: Saria Chatila
Sound Mixing: Luc Papineau


A production of Sunny Artist Management and La Petite Caisse de Boubou, in collaboration with Empac - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Directed, Written & Edited by: Ezra Belotte-Cousineau
Produced by Ilter Ibrahimof - Sunny Artist Management Inc
Co-Production:La Petite Caisse de Boubou, Kathy Corey & Dr. Mruthyunjaya (Jay)
Executive Producer: Valérie Cusson
Associate Producer: Audrey-Anne Bouchard
With the support of E.M.P.A.C. Rensselaer University & Hélène Listerlin – Dance Curator
Additional footage courtesy of: Simon Brook «SUR UN FIL» (2012), «Le Fil de la Danse», Les Films du Caducée, & Marianne et Claude Maurin (1989)
Editing Consultant: John Blouin

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