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Farmer Train Swirl – Étude (club version) Cassiel Gaube

DDF Commission


Moves, grooves and attitudes intertwine in this video work based on the House dance style of the early eighties.

Farmer Train Swirl – Étude (club version)
Farmer Train Swirl – Étude (Club Version) by Cassiel Gaube © Boris Bruegel
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25 May—05 Jun

Farmer Train Swirl – Étude (club version) is a video of solo work Farmer Train Swirl - Étude by Belgian choreographer and dancer Cassiel Gaube based on his study of House dance; a style born in the clubs of Chicago and New York in the early eighties.

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How long?

15 mins

Available to watch worldwide

“Gaube shows here in half an hour that house has grown from countless popular sources into a fully fledged expressive medium.”


Over the past few years, Gaube has immersed himself in House dance - learning and practicing in the lively club scenes of Paris and New York. Sampling, appropriation and transformation are at the core of this dance form, which is itself a synthesis of styles including hip hop, salsa, Rasta and tap.

Moves, grooves and attitudes intertwine in fleeting constellations, unfurling the precise lexicon of House dance steps. Along the way, space is left open for the unexpected to occur and for a hybrid dance to emerge.

This new video has been created for Dublin Dance Festival from multiple recordings of the work. Filmed with different cameras and from different perspectives, it offers a unique and playful experience of the piece.

Enhance your Experience

Would you like to learn some House dance moves? Cassiel Gaube will lead an online workshop on Saturday 29 May at 4pm, where he’ll be teaching some of his Farmer Train Swirl choreography. All levels welcome. Find out more and book HERE.


  • Creation Cassiel Gaube
  • Artistic Advice Liza Baliasnaja, Theo Livesey, Manon Santkin 
  • Music Omar S
  • DJ Koen Galle (Kong DJ)
  • Lighting Clément Chalm, Cassiel Gaube
  • Video Amer™
  • Production Hiros 
  • Distribution ART HAPPENS 
  • Co-production Charleroi danse 

Commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival. Supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, workspacebrussels, Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk), KAAP, Kunstenwerkplaats, De School van Gaasbeek, Onda.

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