This event was part of our 2020 Edition

Day 9: Alt Dance Leaving Cert A dance quiz party with Cormac Mohally

Sat 6 June, 8pm (GMT+1)

Day 9: Alt Dance Leaving Cert

Vice Principal Cormac is in charge, and running a very special, non-state sanctioned Alternative Leaving Cert* for Dancers**.

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How long?

60 mins

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Sat 6 June, 8pm (GMT+1)

Registration will close and access codes will be sent via email 4 hours before the event.
You will need to have Zoom installed before the event (Download Here)

He believes we all have a ‘dancer’ inside and he’s determined you’ll get the points to train at the conservatoire you’ve always dreamed of.

*Non-Leaving Cert students welcome
**Non-Dancers also welcome

Asking the important questions, with easy-to-answer multiple choice options, VP Cormac is determined your dancing talents won’t go to waste. He will get you motivated, keep you moving and serve you an evening of online craic.

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