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Big Pulse Dance Alliance Co-Production / DDF Commission

Irish Premiere


A meditative reflection on longing and belonging and a tribute to all those who have been the outsider

© AdeY

ALIEN is a large-scale moving and living statue. Meditative and timeless, it is a tribute to anyone who has ever felt like a stranger - an outsider – an “other”.

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Wood Quay Amphitheatre

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How long?

30 mins (No interval)


From the show

ALIEN -Taneli Törmä © AdeY
ALIEN -Taneli Törmä © AdeY
ALIEN -Taneli Törmä © AdeY
ALIEN -Taneli Törmä © AdeY


"Once again, it is proven that strangeness and otherness are essential parts of being human."

Working with 9 dancers from the MA Contemporary Dance Performance programme at University of Limerick, Finnish choreographer Taneli Törma brings this project to Ireland for the first time to create a striking intervention at Dublin’s Wood Quay Amphitheatre.

ALIEN is an abstract and ritualistic action that combines movement language from clubbing culture and traditional folk dance. Whether dancing alone in a club or as part of a long chain of folk dance, both dances connect the individual to a larger, collective wave of movement. 

Free from traditional narratives, ALIEN is a powerful physical and visual experience. It is a testament to our human need for connection and community, and a moving reflection on longing and belonging.


  • Choreography Taneli Törmä 
  • Dancers Laura Allis
  • Rima Baransi
  • Inez Berdychowska
  • Wuxun Du
  • Aphra Hartmann
  • Jiating Li
  • Samica Mehta
  • Aoibhinn O’Dea
  • Kaini Zhao
  • Sound Design Esa Mattila 

ALIEN is created as a Big Pulse Dance Alliance coproduction, coproduced by New Baltic Dance (Lithuania) and Dublin Dance Festival (Ireland), co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Other supporters: Dance Info Finland, the Danish Arts Foundation, Odense Municipality and JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre.

Past co-creators: Louise Mochia, Tina Damborg, Cirkeline Dahl Bondesen, Chris-Paschal Englund Braun, Mikaël Vivien Orozco Madsen, Marie Keiser-Nielsen, Sarah Pini, Marlene Bonnesen, Annamaija Rolff-Petersen, Sofie Hub, Cecilie Schyth Kjær, Amalie Sabrine, Nurbak Batulla, Marcel Nuriev, Anastasia Fattakhova, Maria Nurieva, Anna Korobova, Erkin Makaveev, Annukka Hirvonen, Milla Keskitalo, Antti-Pekka Pudas, Paula Puumalainen, Alina Sakko, Jutta Sulkala, Milla Toppi and Silja Tuovinen.

ALIEN is presented at Dublin Dance Festival with the support of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick.

  • Irish World Academy
  • University of Limerick
  • Big Pulse Dance Alliance
  • DCC 8

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