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Where Sundew Grows by Liadain Herriott

Thu 24 Apr 2014

Where Sundew Grows by Liadain Herriott

Liadain Herriott presents a live performance and dance work as part of Live Collision International Festival 2014.

Certain soil is lacking in nutrients.
There is a particular plant that suffers from mineral
Deficiency due to this. Glistening drops of mucilage
At the tip of each tentacle resemble drops of morning dew.

Of a carnivorous nature, it preys upon the tiny.
The plant kingdom versus the insect kingdom -
A unique environment where strange flora flourish,
A place where things aren’t always what they seem.

In a world where expressions of emotion are reduced
To acronyms, this piece does the opposite.
It puts them under the microscope.

Liadain's work has been described as ”something out of a Lars Von Trier film...evocative, imaginative, at times with elements of surrealism, which make her shows original and unconventional.”

Venue: Project Arts Centre - Cube
Date: Saturday 26 April
Time: 20:15
Tickets: €15/€12

This performance is part of a DOUBLE BILL with 600 People, both performances are included in the ticket price.

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