DDF News — 12 May 2016

Funny ha ha, or funny strange? - introducing guest blogger number 3

Funny ha ha, or funny strange? - introducing guest blogger number 3

Comedy and dance might not seem like obvious bedfellows – physical awkwardness is key currency in much stand-up and dance is mostly non-verbal. But there are commonalities – a sense of pace and timing for one, and conjuring the unexpected or the absurd, for another.

The third guest writer on the blog, James Moran calls himself a comedy performer – his work finds its own context, which is not always stand up. Having mounted or participated in a number of comedy shows already, James will bring new work RAFFLE! to Galway visual arts festival TULCA in November this year.

I shy away from using the term comedian or stand-up because my stuff isn't really designed for the stand-up circuit. I like to perform in theatre or gallery settings, though I also do a lot of stuff in DIY spaces. My stuff is funny but also interesting, I think, so you don't always have to laugh.

I suppose a critical aspect of my practice would be the idea of creating work with regards to people's beliefs and assumptions. I think my favourite comedies are those that play with the things that the audience have stopped really thinking about or questioning. That's what's interesting to me.

Stay tuned for James’ words on his chosen show. James tweets @JMichaelMoran