DDF News — 10 May 2016

New Festival, New Voices

New Festival, New Voices

We’re back at the coalface of Dublin’s dance season – the festival opens one week from today, on May 17th, with new director Benjamin Perchet at the helm and an eclectic programme of vibrant work from across Europe and the Atlantic.

In the past, the DDF blog has been a space for reviews by a single voice, typically the voice of someone who’s seen quite a bit of dance. This year, the blog is being taken over by other voices – creators from different spheres, including food, music, photography, comedy and fashion – who will offer their response to shows in the programme.

It’s an experiment in communication across different creative languages, to find out how movement touches a person who deals with food, or sound, or the still image. In the coming week, we’ll introduce our guest bloggers: who they are, what their work involves and why they love it.

Our first guest blogger is Katie J Sanderson. ‘Chef’ or ‘cook’ are probably not the right words for Katie, as her practice extends far beyond the kitchen to scrabbling about in rock pools and connecting her immediate environment to what’s on the plate.

I love the thought process that goes with making food. I get myself into trouble a lot as people often like structure and want menus and ideas weeks or even months in advance. For me food is most enjoyable when given space to change and evolve. I get inspired by art, film, nature and other people’s cooking, and will change everything up as it has to feel present to feel good.

Stay tuned for Katie's words on her chosen show. Katie tweets @kjsfoodprojects and Instagrams @katiejsanderson.