How to Fest

We’re doing things differently this year with DDF Home Stage – a new online experience, but the same DDF that you love. Here’s everything you need to know to get the most from your DDF2021 experience.

  1. Create an account with DDF Home Stage

    • Head over to DDF Home Stage
    • Click “Login” in the top right corner
    • Enter your email address and click “Continue”
    • Enter your full name, create a password and click “Create Account”
    • Now you’re all ready to go!

    You know you’re logged in when you see your initials in the bubble at the top right of the navigation bar. Now it’s time to browse the full Summer 2021 Edition and book your tickets.

  2. How to buy a Ticket

    • Browse the full Festival Programme
    • On an event or screening, click the “Pre-order now” or “Unlock now” button (you can pre-order screenings ahead of time, or unlock screenings that are already available to watch immediately)
    • Login to your DDF Home Stage account, or sign up by entering your email address, name and a password
    • Then enter your payment details to complete your transaction
    • Check out the screenings and events you’ve booked by clicking on your profile icon in the top right of the screen and choosing ‘Content Library
    • Note: Please check that the event is available to watch in your geographic location prior to booking
  3. How to buy a Festival Pass

    • Choose your DDF Pass (5 Film Pass or All Film Pass)
    • You’ll be taken to our DDF Home Stage where you can complete the transaction
    • Enter your login details, or create an account by entering your email address and name, and selecting a password.
    • Add payment information and click the “Submit Payment” button.
    • Now you can browse the full Festival Programme and click “Pre-order” or “Unlock” on the films you want to watch and these will be added to your Content Library.
  4. How to watch your screenings

    • Once you have pre-ordered or unlocked films, they will be stored in your Content Library until you're ready to watch them
    • Go to the DDF Home Stage and login
    • Click on your profile icon and select "My content library" to view all the screenings and events you’ve booked
    • When you’re ready to start watching, hit the “Play” button (Note: you will have to begin watching during the indicated availability dates for the particular film)
    • Once you hit play, you’ll have 48 hours to finish watching the screening. During that time you can stop, pause, rewind and rewatch as much as you like.

DDF Home Stage Help & FAQs

Looking for information about how to access your screenings, how to watch the movies on your TV or having any technical issues? Find everything you need here:

Visit: Help & FAQs