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Master Class + Interview Carolyn Carlson

USA / France

Learn from the inspiring choreographer and poet, Carolyn Carlson, with this master class and interview, pre-recorded exclusively for DDF.

Master Class + Interview
Master Class with Carolyn Carlson © Frédéric Iovino

This programme includes a master class and an interview, pre-recorded exclusively for DDF by the inspiring choreographer and poet, Carolyn Carlson.

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How long?

60 mins approx.

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Suitable for professional dancers and advanced dance students.

Over the past four decades, Carlson has worked with exceptional and iconic artists, including Alwin Nikolais who had a profound influence on her work. From Nikolais, Carlson adopted a philosophy based on improvisation, choreographic composition and a concept of the dancing body according to four principles: time, space, form and continuity of movement. She also gained the conviction that creation and learning are inseparable: that you only create because you discover.

With a passion for passing on knowledge, Carlson has shared her approach to movement as poetic gesture to generations of dancers around the world. Now, she shares a special pre-recorded master class with her company as part of the Summer 2021 Edition online.

Through access to this master class with the company dancers, participants will gain insight into Carlson’s choreographic process, and will delve into new techniques to inspire movement and creation. The interview will then offer a chance to hear from Carlson and learn more about her experience, her influences and her choreographic approach.

Time, Space, Form and Perpetual Motion are the tools needed to create a graphic and poetic language. You have to be in contact with the world, aware of its sufferings, study the arts, music and poetry, be open to others and all these experiences will inspire your way of dancing. The richer your life, the richer your dance will be. An artist must have just one obsession in life: to touch people’s souls and reveal the share of poetry within them.

This search for the invisible will help you rise up. We other dancers, we steal moments of grace from the universe.

- Carolyn Carlson

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