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Form(s) Of Life – short films Eric Minh Cuong Castaing / Shonen

DDF Commission


Dancers and people with mobility loss come together to create an intimate and collective choreography in this series of three short films.

Form(s) Of Life – short films
Form(s) of Life by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing / Shonen © Victor Zebo

What if you could no longer take movement for granted? What gestures would you keep if even the simplest movements required extreme effort and complete focus?

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How long?

18 mins

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Available to Watch

7pm, Tues 25 May – 11:59pm, Sat 5 June 2021

From the show

Form(s) of Life by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing / Shonen © Victor Zebo
Form(s) of Life by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing / Shonen © Victor Zebo
Form(s) of Life by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing / Shonen © Victor Zebo
Form(s) of Life by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing / Shonen © Victor Zebo

“Eric Minh Cuong Castaing chose to take an interest in the way we look at weakened or different bodies and in a world where beauty is often standardized, photoshoped, this is what Eric Minh is talking about (…) The proof if we doubted that art can truly change lives."

France 24

“The stake is elsewhere, in the societal, the human, the right to happiness. Eric Minh Cuong Castaing makes no secret of it, his shows are on the razor's edge. To the comfort of a sold-out performance, the artist prefers friction with reality."

M le magazine du Monde

In Form(s) of Life, Shonen (DDF2019 and Digital Capsule 2020) creates a space that combines dance, imagery, sounds and objects to explore the experience of mobility loss and the necessity of gestures to connect and communicate with others.

This series of three short films brings together performers experiencing a loss of mobility (among them, a former dancer and a former boxer) and dancers from Shonen. Filmed outdoors, the performers use the landscape as their stage as they reconnect with their former practices: practices which were never abandoned but which have been reinvented to combat the loss of movement.

Creating an intimate and collective choreography, the cast supports and influences each other, displacing and challenging our contemporary notion of disabled or virtuosic bodies.

This project will be the subject of an exhibition at LE BAL, Paris, in January 2022 as part of the Awards for Young Creation LE BAL-ADAGP


  • Conception, Choreography & Direction Eric Minh Cuong Castaing
  • Dramaturgy / Realisation Assistance Marine Relinger
  • Co-choreography Aloun Marchal
  • Interpreters Elise Argaud, Aloun Marchal, Kamal Messelka, Nans Pierson
  • Video Cinematographer Victor Zébo
  • Sound Engineer François Charrier
  • Chief Editor Lucie Brux
  • Sound Designer Renaud Bajeux
  • Costumes Silvia Romanelli
  • Space & Scenography Anne-Sophie Turion
  • Film Producer Scarlett Garson
  • Cinema Manager Samuel Tuleda
  • Care Assistant Delphine Ricardo
  • Production Manager Mélanie Marchand
  • Administrative Manager Laura Picut
  • Production Shonen

Co-produced by Festival de Marseille (FR), Prix LE BAL de la Jeune Création avec l’Adagp 2021 (FR), Vooruit Gand (BE), S.N. Points Communs (FR), Pôle Arts de la Scène - Friche Belle de Mai (FR), Ballet national de Marseille (FR), Résidence Co-laBo/les ballets C de la B (BE), Charleroi Danse (BE), Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf (DE), Fonds Transfabrik (FR/DE), Carreau du Temple - dispositif PACT(e) (FR), ICK Amsterdam (NL), Scène Conventionnée Le Vivat Armentières (FR), Dublin Dance Festival (IE), Ministère de la Culture Délégation à la Danse dispositif Filmer la danse (FR), C.N.C. DICRéAM (FR), CD 13 des Bouches du Rhône - “Ensemble en Provence“, Région Sud-Carte Blanche aux Artistes 2020, DRAC PACA & ARS PACA - “Culture et Santé“, Fondation Porosus (FR), Fondation Handicap et Société (FR)

With the support of Lieux Publics - CNAREP - Pôle Européen de Production - Marseille (FR), K.L.A.P. - Maison pour la Danse - Marseille (FR), Marseille Objectif Danse (FR), Pôle 164 Marseille (FR), La Friche Belle de Mai (FR)

Partnering with : La Maison - Gardanne (FR), Hôpital Sainte Marguerite - Marseille (FR), Hôpital Bretonneau - Paris (FR)

  • Embassy of France in Ireland