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This event was part of our 2020 Edition

Day 3: New Movements - Walking (Part 2) My Walking Is My Dancing by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas

Item closed 30 June

Day 3: New Movements - Walking (Part 2)

De Keersmaeker wants to demonstrate that walking is dancing, and that everybody has the ability to dance, anytime, anywhere.

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My Walking is My Dancing is a fascinating project by Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Rosas), who was due to bring A Love Supreme to the Abbey Theatre as part of our 2020 Edition.

Exploring the idea of walking as a form of dancing, the company invited people in cities around the world to join the Rosas dancers on a slow walk, as they examined how we are able to transform this everyday movement into a mindful and unique experience. When we say slow walk, we mean a very slow walk; with an average pace of less than 5 metres per minute, it took approximately 4 hours for each group to complete its trajectory.

As the world ground to a halt during the current Covid-19 crisis, we found ourselves considering the hectic pace of city life and how we can cope with its enforced slowing down. By deliberately hampering the speed of travel, My Walking Is My Dancing invited participants to experience the city and its inhabitants from a new perspective. To pause, reflect and attempt to make the city part of them again through the most basic form of movement conceivable: walking.

As part of our Digital Capsule, we invited your into this exciting project through a series of videos and texts, which were available on our website during June.

Learn more about My Walking Is My Dancing.

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