Sunday, 26th May 2013

A Fast Track to Dance Review of CoisCéim’s ‘Missing’

Many thanks to Tatjana Lobza, one of the participants in our Fast Track to Dance programme with Project Brand New, for the following review of CoisCéim Dance Theatre’s performance of ‘Missing’ at Dublin Dance Festival 2013.

Relatively small closed spaces, with place for only some of the audience, have always created a special, somewhat intimate atmosphere. Smock Alley Theater has a perfect setting for it. Whether a choreographer will be able to use this opportunity and in tandem with dancers create a connection to each audience member, giving canvas for imagination to paint a personal story on – is a question that in my opinion will determine the success of the performance. David Bolger has given Emma O’Kane and Tom Pritchard a rather ambitious task to take viewers on a journey of pain, worry, impatience and perhaps joy in some cases.

Missing is based on a very sensitive concept of people going missing every year in Ireland. It gives an insight into only some of the stories, explores various reasons and circumstances in addition to feelings involved of those who go missing as well as their families. Hope, pressure, despair, fear, depression – the list can go on and on, just like the list of names of missing people. Each one of us can relate to the concept either directly or indirectly. It is danced beautifully, ensuring none of the audience members is left unmoved. The dancers were able to use a small space and yet create a feeling of widely spread dark emptiness around. Eamon Fox did an amazing job with lighting, as it helped to portray emotions with stronger shades.

Overall the performance is well worth seeing, be sure it will not leave anyone indifferent. Even if the subject does not relate to the viewer directly, it awakes emotions we don’t usually think about unless certain events take place in our own life.

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