Mon 20 Mar 2017


Wicklow Screendance Laboratory is a 5 day workshop, specialist talk and symposium that will draw dancers, editors, composers, writers and film makers together to create an exploratory working experience within dance-and-film in County Wicklow.

The events are led by choreographer/film maker Dr Adrienne Brown, with invited guest artists Marisa M Hayes and Franck Boulègue of Video Screen Dance (Bourgogne, France), who are experts in the field.

The Laboratory/Symposium will be a meeting place for artists, scholars, curators, students and others interested in exploring the movement and choreography of moving images. It is a development programme for practitioners who want to learn more about, and immerse themselves in, a medium of exploration and exchange, under the expert guidance of leading European mentors. Hayes and Boulègue have run the acclaimed Festival of Video Screen Dance (Bourgogne, France) and the online forum Numéridanse over many years. This will be their first time to teach in Ireland. 

The symposium will specifically target:

-Dancers/choreographers who wish to move into film
​-Interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation between art form practitioners such as literature/film/sound/music/dance etc.
​-The use of natural resources in Wicklow, including theatre space, studios, and landscapes
​-Artists who wish to train in film, editing and production
​-Public interest in ideas and practice in the above areas; symposium to include public discussion and showings

Members of the public are invited to:

-a talk on 11 April, 1pm-5pm  in DanceHouse, where the focus will be on Irish film-makers
-the Symposium on 12 April, 12pm-8pm in Mermaid Arts Centre, where film showings, discussions and presentations will finish off the week.

Full programme details will be available on 28 March.

For more information, check out the Dance Ireland website and the Mermaid Arts Centre website