DDF News — 6 Sep 2019

The DDF Artist Pass supports emerging artists in Ireland

The DDF Artist Pass supports emerging artists in Ireland

In it's first year, the DDF Artist Pass programme generated the opportunity for 5 emerging dance artists in Ireland to explore the full 2019 Edition of Dublin Dance Festival.

We know the challenges that come with being a dance artist at the early stages of carving out a career. Working within a tight budget is certainly one of them. This often means limited chances to see dance and other performances, but we also know how important it is to experience a broad selection of work as one develops a career in dance.

That's why, as part of our 15th Festival celebration in 2019, we launched the DDF Artist Pass. This programme generates opportunities for emerging artists to explore the artform of dance, gain inspiration and develop vital networks.

This year, five artists were awarded a DDF Artist Pass which gave them access to a wide selection of events including high-quality Irish and international productions, presentations of works-in-development, and workshops with Festival artists.

One of the recipients of the Artist Pass, Aliina Lindroos, had this to say about her experience at the 2019 Dublin Dance Festival:

"I was particularly looking forward to seeing Liv O'Donoghue's AFTER. While demonstrating collapsing relationships and the purest of human reactions leading up to the end of the world, it has some extremely touching moments. There were many piercing details in staging, lighting and movement that I still remember vividly. 


AFTER by Liv O'Donoghue © Simon Lazewski

I was also excited to see the 1980s masterpiece of dance, Rosas danst Rosas by Anne Teresa der Keersmaeker. I was completely blown away by the stamina and intelligence of the cast, and utterly mesmerised by the geographical score of the choreography.

Rosas Danst Rosas 09

Rosas danst Rosas by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker © Anne Van Aerschot

Discovering new artists was my personal highlight of the Festival. Internationally renowned artist Roberto Castello / ALDES was not on my radar until now, and his dark piece In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni was exceptionally refreshing and different to anything I have seen.

Overall I can happily state the DDF Artist Pass made it possible for me to see new work, to meet other people in the industry and to enjoy dance in its various forms. Thank you for that!"

In Girum-Roberto Castello-3

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni by Roberto Castello © Cristiana Rubbio