DDF News — 6 Oct 2014

Sign up for Goths v Zombies Dance-Off at Bram Stoker Festival !

Sign up for Goths v Zombies Dance-Off at Bram Stoker Festival !

Fancy your chances in a Goths v Zombies Dance-Off ?!

Dress up in your finest bloody threads and choose to dance with the Goths or walk among the dead. The blood-thirsty Bram Stoker Festival, Dublin are looking for dancers, dance groups, dance schools and colleges to sign up as Goths and join hundreds of participants for a thrilling walk through the city. Working with choreographer Megan Kennedy from junk ensemble this will be a dance off unlike anything seen before – arms and legs may go flying as the Goths try to dance those flesh eatering zombies out of town!

2pm - 3pm Saturday 25th October - George’s Street/ Grafton Street area.

All Goths must commit to rehearsals with Megan Kennedy of junk ensemble on Saturday 18th October 13:30 to 17:00 & Saturday 25th October 09:00 to 12:00. After a break, on Saturday 25th, the Goths will get ready. Makeup artists will be on hand to help you get that Goth look, but bring your own costume – think Robert Smith. The walk to the Dance Off will start just after 14:00.

The Goth v Zombie Dance Off will broadcast live from 98 FM BIGRED.

Sign up by emailing danceoff@BigHouseProductions.ie