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Preview 5: Master of flamenco Israel Galván comes to the Abbey main stage

Tue 26 May 2015

Preview 5: Master of flamenco Israel Galván comes to the Abbey main stage

Israel Galván's reputation precedes him. The Spanish performer has won multiple awards for his contemporary interpretation of flamenco and has been the recipient of innumerable breathless accolades from the likes of Le Monde and the Financial Times.

Revered for his precision and timing, Galván is considered one of the world's foremost flamenco dancers. His style is described as paying homage to, and helping to preserve, the strength and integrity of the traditional vocabulary of the form while still forging a new path. His work has been called a type of 'avant garde' flamenco that incorporates his particular sensibility and is influenced by contemporary music. With each new piece, he continues to push the boundaries of tradition, testing the limitations of the form with entirely original works that yet still sit within the flamenco genre.

This year, Galván comes to the Abbey main stage as a headline act for DDF with his 2005 work, Le Edad de Oro. Translated as 'The Golden Age', the title refers to the heyday of flamenco performance around the turn of the nineteenth century and is the performer's attempt to distill what is purest and most essential from the vocabulary developed during this time, accessing the core of the form that is timeless and can sit within contemporary performance without jarring. Accompanied by fellow flamenco experts and brothers Alfredo Lagos on guitar and David Lagos with voice, Le Edad de Oro will be a rare opportunity to witness a master in action.