DDF News — 3 Apr 2017

LUCIA KICKHAM’S ‘On.Pulse.’ Project Arts Centre 6 & 7 April

LUCIA KICKHAM’S ‘On.Pulse.’ Project Arts Centre 6 & 7 April

Dancing in the Elasticity of Time
What time exists in our bodies beyond the 'deadly statistical clock’?

On.Pulse. explores the natural rhythms of the body, the acts of breathing, blinking, pumping blood through our veins. It invites the audience to contemplate how we experience time beyond the hard external clock. In this, her first full length work, Lucia collaborates with the performers Robbie Blake and Marion Cronin.

On.Pulse. consists of three pieces:

- Pulse is a solo work for a musical conductor performed by musician Robbie Blake. A prologue for the evening, it introduces the sense of time and examines the drive of the timekeeper, the conductor.
​- To Get To The Other Side is a solo dance theatre work performed by Lucia Kickham. Galileo first observed the regularity of a pendulum swing using the only approximately periodic event to which he had access - his own pulse. Here the pulse of the performer creates a time map for the pieces and a play with how we measure and store time in the body unfolds.
​- Oscillate is a duet performed by dancers Marion Cronin and Lucia Kickham. In it they explore disjointed timelines of events and temporal displacement. Fragmented frames of dance material are set alongside flowing sequences of movement, enlarging and contracting the time-space of the performers. Gestures are magnified and bodies spun across the floor before they again find their resting pace.

Lucia Kickham is intrigued by the body. Having originally studied mathematical sciences before transitioning to contemporary dance, she has been preoccupied with ideas of time and its relation to movement - time as a line that is not linear but spiralling through us.

On.Pulse. will be performed in Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

6th & 7th April


Tickets: €12 - 14

Book online here or call 01 881 9613

For further media information, please contact: Lucia – luciakickham@gmail.com