DDF News — 1 Jul 2020

In the press: DDF Digital Capsule news and views

In the press: DDF Digital Capsule news and views

DDF sparked the media's interest with the Digital Capsule. Read this selection of news features and artist interviews...

Dublin Dance Festival have gone digital! Here's the best of what to check out
Summer time means festivals and for dance enthusiasts, the Dublin Dance Festival is the most anticipated among them. This year, the festival is going online in the form of the DDF Digital Capsule, taking place from 29 May – 7 June.

The Irish Times
The show must go online: Irish festivals respond to Covid-19

The Irish Arts Festivals Archive aims to show festival-makers’ response to Covid-19
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RTÉ Arena
Listen to an interview with composer Michael Gallen and choreographer Catherine Young on their participation in the DDF Digital Capsule.
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RTÉ Culture
Culture 10 - the week's cultural highlights, going Gaga
Like most arts festivals finding their feet in a pandemic climatic, the Dublin Dance Festival have taken their 2020 event online.

Lovin Dublin
Dublin dance festival organising DJ dance set for kids

If you've been looking for a way to keep the kids busy (and tire them out at the same time) then this is it. Organised as part of Dublin Dance Festival, Tiny Dancer is a DJ set for kids. Returning for the festival once again, this year's show will take place online so you can stage the dance party from your own home.
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No More Workhorse
Dublin Dance Festival Digital Capsule
While the Dublin Dance Festival was just one of the many casualties of our current crisis, they have managed to reinvent themselves online for ten days of excitement!

Stage Door Live
In Episode Six, as theatres explore ways of reopening, we explore movement and dance in The New Rehearsal Room.

Lovin Dublin
New app lets users film animated dancers bopping around Dublin

With Dublin Dance Festival events moved online, organisers have outdone themselves this year - coming up with a special augmented reality app that invites users to take a dance journey with artists from an award-winning contemporary dance company.

Totally Dublin
Dublin Dance Festival goes digital for 10 days of movement

Whether you’re a dance lover, a curious spectator or a total newbie, you’re invited to join Dublin Dance Festival for ‘10 days of movement’ from 29 May – 7 June with the DDF Digital Capsule.
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Irish Independent
From Bloom at Home to better bakes: What we want to see, do and buy online this bank holiday weekend

We've compiled a list of the most interesting events and products to take part in or buy this week.
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