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Harmonious brotherhood - introducing guest blogger number 5

Mon 16 May 2016

Harmonious brotherhood - introducing guest blogger number 5

The history of movement and sound are inextricable – which preceded which, and which prompted which? The dominant perception is that a piece of choreography evolves in response to a piece of music. The reality in much contemporary dance today is choreographers working collaboratively with composers and musicians, so that the music and the movement develop in tandem.  

Ye Vagabonds (Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn) are folk-singing brothers from Carlow who have been at the forefront of a recent resurgence in Irish trad and folk, playing sessions around Dublin and touring internationally as support for artists like Villagers and Lisa Hannigan. When asked to name a key characteristic of what they do, their answer was ‘harmonious brotherhood’. It’s an interesting response in the context of reviewing a dance piece – the work that happens in the studio when developing a show requires awareness, the ability to tune in to those around you; this is the same thing that is needed when playing sessions, or harmonising with another singer, the daily work of the brothers.

Our fifth and final guest writer(s) on the blog, they’ll be offering their response to their chosen show in the festival programme in the coming weeks.