DDF News — 12 May 2017

Guest Writer Number 4: Fumbally co-owner Aisling Rogerson

Guest Writer Number 4: Fumbally co-owner Aisling Rogerson

Introducing guest writer number four on the DDF blog this year: Aisling Rogerson, co-owner of Dublin's favourite cafe, the Fumbally. Aisling has been running the Fumbally for five years and the Dublin Flea Market for nine years. Both are ventures undertaken with partners and friends, people who form the community that is the main thing she loves about Dublin. A recent addition to the Fumbally crew's projects is the Fumbally Stables. The Stables are housed in a building next door to the cafe and form a hub for experimentation, knowledge generation and knowledge sharing. There is a regularly updated series of events around food, art and yoga/movement.

A balance between city life and nature is always at the fore of what Aisling does. The city offers culture and connection and the countryside brings freedom and even deeper connection.

For her DDF show to review, Aisling chose Elvedon by Greek choreographer Christos Papadopoulos:

I'm not a huge fan of repetition. In general. So I'd like to explore it as a concept and see where its validity lies in creative expression.

Stay tuned to the blog to see what Aisling thought about Elvedon. Follow @racklette or @dublindancefest on Twitter for updates.