DDF News — 23 Nov 2015

European Dancehouse Network (EDN) Atelier, Dublin, 11&12 Dec

European Dancehouse Network (EDN) Atelier, Dublin, 11&12 Dec


Who Am I? An exploration of how artistic identity is maintained in a nomadic life

11 & 12 December 2015, Dance Ireland, Foley Street, Dublin 1

Dance Ireland in partnership with Dublin Dance Festival present the European Dancehouse Network Atelier Who am I? An exploration of how artistic identity is maintained in a nomadic life.

Focusing on the professional dance practitioner, and informed by questions surrounding identity, mobility and migration we will explore, from different perspectives, how an artist’s identity is constructed and maintained in a climate where mobility is seen as a badge of honour, crucial to the creative process and an essential component of professional practice.

Many countries, including Ireland have long prided itself on its open and welcoming of international dance artists. Many see mobility as a key to successful dance career. However do we have the right models to support mobility?

Key questions to be considered include: what motivates artists to be mobile? Does working in multiple/different cultural contexts have an impact on an artist’s identity? How does an artist maintain his/her identity when working in different cultural contexts? Is a nomadic existence part of the creative life?

The Atelier, that will take place on 11 & 12 December is interesting for artists, curators, programmers, academics, cultural theorists and the general public.

Download the complete programme here.

The cost is €20 per participant and payment can be made by contacting Dance Ireland by phone on +353 1 855 8800. Alternatively you can make an electronic payment by contacting Catherine.finn@danceireland.ie for more details. Payment can be made by credit/debit card over the phone to Dance Ireland by calling +353 1 8558800. Alternatively payment can be made by EFT. Contact catherine.finn@danceireland.ie for details.

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