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Designing experiences - introducing guest blogger number 4

Fri 13 May 2016

Designing experiences - introducing guest blogger number 4

When people talk about ‘design’ these days, they could be referring to any number of spheres of creating – the design of clothing, of products, of packaging, of industrial or medical devices, of buildings, and, increasingly, of experiences - the fields tend to bleed into one another. The dance world is no exception, with many shows now developed collaboratively with sound designers, lighting designers, set designers and costume designers.

Our fourth guest writer on the blog, Ahmad Fakhry is one half of Designgoat, a multi-disciplinary design studio creating and curating experiences through objects, spaces and food, whose watchword is ‘simplicity’. In an interview, Cian (Corcoran – the other half of Designgoat) said that ‘experiential’ design is the one term that encompasses everything they do.

Is there something different happening with the design of the experience that is a dance show than with the design of, say, a website, or a chair, or a café interior (also experiences)? Hopefully, our intrepid guest writer will find out.