Here Be Dragons United Fall / Emma Martin



Here Be Dragons
© Emma Martin


€5 (Limited Capacity)


Dublin Central Mission


30 mins

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Stair access only


Vulnerability is our first experience of being alive and it’s our last.

It’s ok to fall from heaven. Lucifer was God's lover in some versions of the story.

Some say the serpent is the symbol of evil, others raise it up as the symbol of rebirth.

Religion, myth, art and sex occupy the same impulse of the brain, all pouring out, reaching for bliss, the divine, God, whatever you want to call it. The thing beyond our grasp.

The Angelus bells imply the pouring of the divine grace into the world. Epic.

The kids dance for pleasure and pride, whipping limbs and ponytails out into the world like it’s their last breath, all fury and might.

You can’t erase the history and stories that the body knows. We are the relics, sacred and profane.

Here be Dragons is a work in progress for dancers, children and a choir that will premiere in 2020.


  • Conceived and Choreographed by Emma Martin

Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Culture Ireland and supported by VISUAL Carlow